Growing up all across the country, I found myself more and more comfortable in foreign places. Moving from one state to the other as a young boy I realized that exploring new places, meeting new people, and experiencing diverse cultures was key to my development as a person.

I translate this curiosity into my daily life: work and play. Iā€™m an athlete at heart who found myself becoming more and more enamored with photography. Capturing moments, big and small, to carve out a slice of experiences that constantly mold me. I am always trying to find new ways and new people to capture through the end of a camera lens.

This also is a window into my life of training, racing, and caffeine induced, retrospective rambling. As I pursue my professional career in the world of mountain, trail, and ultra marathon running, I wish to share my journey with as many passionate people as possible. Here is my life on and off the trail ā€“ Legs and Lungs